What is BMW eDrive?

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What is BMW eDrive?

High-Tech Innovations from the BMW Group

If you’ve seen that unmistakable logo on BMW electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, you might be wondering what it means. Just what is BMW eDrive and how does it help you? Electric driving is made easier than ever with the latest BMW eDrive 2021 models. After all, BMW is the leader in creating advanced technology that improves performance and function. When you visit Hilton Head BMW, we can show you how the eDrive affects the newest lineup. Schedule a test drive today in South Carolina.

Electromobility Advances Changing the World

When it comes to creating high-tech innovations, BMW is second to none. With the BMW i3 and i8 helping users move away from combustion engines to the latest lineup of BMW plug-in hybrids, the company is setting the pace for other manufacturers to follow. In fact, by 2030, the automaker plans to have an electric or hybrid system in every brand-new model, which will require the use of eDrive technology.

What is BMW eDrive and how will it change the future of travel? With this innovative system, vehicles can travel longer while using just electricity. When a model has the eDrive symbol located on it, you know that it is recognized as being sustainable because of the renewable electricity used during the production process. The more vehicles that are created, the more good is done for the environment. It’s a win-win situation all-around.

e-Drive & BMW Driving Modes Explained

eDrive technology comes in our newest lineup of EV and hybrid models that are equipped with an electric motor. With this advanced system, the motor works with intelligent energy management, plus a high-voltage lion-ion battery to ensure maximum efficiency. During electric motor travel, there are zero emissions coming from the vehicle. Not only is the electric range improved, but you also get to experience the superior throttle response and stability control from the all-wheel drive system.

What is BMW eDrive and how does it correspond with the driving modes? With complete control over the experience, you gain many of the same features as you would with the gas engines. For example, the COMFORT mode provides an experience that adjusts the suspension settings automatically for maximum pleasure, while the ECO mode keeps the drive as efficient as possible. Add an available Sport Package and the latest features, such as Lane Departure Warning to create a vehicle that meets your every desire.

Step Into the Future with BMW

BMW is the automaker that will pave a way into the future with high-tech innovations and design. To be a part of what’s coming, you want to get involved right now. Whether you are interested in the BMW eDrive lineup or you want a closer look at the 2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e with superior traction control, we are ready to help you. Schedule a test drive at Hilton Head BMW in South Carolina today.

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