Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

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Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Car-Buying Dilemma Resolved

It’s time to buy a car, but one burning question has been holding you up. Should you buy a new or used vehicle?

Like you, most drivers face the same challenge before deciding which option serves them better. Buying a new or used vehicle has benefits and disadvantages, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
But no worries. At the Hilton Head BMW Dealership, we help customers determine the best route to take when buying their next car. We have a vast inventory of new BMWs and used vehicles for sale, including our Certified Pre-owned Vehicles that have undergone rigorous inspection points for optimum performance on and off the road.

Visit us at the Hilton Head BMW Dealership in Hilton Head, SC today, and we’ll provide the best car-buying experience you need to get you on the right track so you can buy the vehicle that’s perfect for you.

Should You Buy New or Used?

Buying a brand new vehicle is the popular route for many new drivers who would rather invest in a car with premium parts. They would also spend money on a vehicle that a previous owner has not handed down, without any dings, dents, and other damages incurred from years of use.

With a brand new vehicle comes warranties and lower insurance premiums, the latest built-in technology in the market, more savings at the gas pump due to fuel efficiency, and less money spent on repairs due to aging and malfunctioning parts. It can also be a status symbol for those who love to ride in the latest vehicles available in the market.

But for those who have a limited budget, opting for a used car may be the smarter route.
However, a limited budget is not the only reason customers buy a used car. There are other reasons, from getting more savings and perks to having the freedom to choose the vehicle they want to drive without paying the premium retail price for it.

For many drivers, buying a used vehicle is the wiser investment that proves beneficial over time. It doesn’t require them to pay the full retail price, which means they pay a lesser monthly payment and a significantly lesser insurance premium.

On top of that, drivers like the fact that their used car’s value does not depreciate as much as a brand new vehicle’s value does. A brand-new car loses almost 40% of its value when purchased and driven off the car dealership’s lot.

And because you’ve gained so many savings, buying a used car also gives you the freedom to choose the better model, your dream car, perhaps, for your budget


Premium Used Cars

Not all used cars are the same. Those in their prime condition are qualified to go through a rigorous inspection system for the ultimate reconditioning before they can even get to the sales floor.

These premium cars are called Certified Pre-Owned. According to the manufacturers’ strict standards, they get inspected and reconditioned by expert mechanics to look, run, and function almost like brand-new.

If you want to drive a premium vehicle in the model of your choice that runs like new, going for a CPO is the way to go. At the Hilton Head BMW Dealership, you can choose from our inventory of CPOs that you can be proud of.

We Have Your Dream Car Waiting for You

Now that you know the benefits of buying a new or used car, your car-buying journey has just become more exciting.

With all the perks you can enjoy from buying a used vehicle, you can even get the premium luxury car you’ve long been dreaming of without paying the total retail price for it. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to drive a meticulously reconditioned CPO vehicle you can be proud of anywhere you go.

Our BMW Dealership in Hilton Head, SC, offers a variety of new inventory, used cars under $10K, and premium CPOs from luxury lines. We also provide financing, promotions, warranties, and other great deals to save you money. And we’ll schedule your test drives anytime for your convenience, too.
Visit us at the Hilton Head BMW Dealership to learn more about our new, used, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles today!

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