Learn More About The 2019 BMW X7’s Extensive Pre-Production Testing

January 24th, 2019 by

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2019 BMW X7 goes through extensive testing before production.

Building On A Tested & Proven Platform

The soon-to-be-released 2019 BMW X7 is an all-new vehicle that is full of exciting innovation powered by demanding testing. BMW has built this cutting-edge vehicle on a new version of one of the most successful automotive platforms in the company’s long and illustrious history. The CLAR platform that underpins the BMW X7 can be found in several other BMW vehicles on the market today, including other members of the X Series. The new developments in the 2019 BMW X7 benefit from the years of data gathered on the CLAR platform’s characteristics.

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Tested All Over The World

BMW knows that the 2019 X7 will be driven in a wide variety of different situations and conditions. The company ensured that the grueling pre-production testing that the BMW X7 went through reflected this reality. The BMW X7 went through extensive cold weather testing right at the edge of the Arctic Circle. The BMW X7 was also tested in the extreme heat when it was driven through the deserts of South Africa. Prospective BMW X7 drivers can rest assured that this vehicle can handle anything thrown at it.

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Perfect For Off-Roading & Normal Commutes

Of course, the 2019 BMW X7 has also been extensively tested in more mundane conditions. The factory that produces the BMW X7 is located in Spartanburg, SC. Pre-production versions of the BMW X7 were tested in normal city traffic on the roads around the Spartanburg factory. As powerful and capable as the BMW X7 is, it’s also quite practical to meet the needs of the average driver.

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The Upcoming 2019 X7 Has Been Perfected By Extensive Testing

BMW is known throughout the automotive industry for putting its vehicles through some of the most rigorous pre-production testings of any manufacturer. Every aspect of the BMW X7 has been perfected through a great deal of research. This includes everything from the eye-catching off-road capability to the temperature of the climate control.

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