i4/iX Preorder FAQs

iX/i4 FAQs for Customer Service1

1. What is the iX/i4 pre-order?

Customers can secure the ability to purchase a new BMW iX or i4 model by submitting a $1,500 deposit at shopbmwusa.com. Customers will receive confirmation number upon completion of $1,500 deposit for delivery at their local participating BMW Centers. First deliveries expected from March, 2022. Customers can cancel their Pre-Order any time prior to delivery. 


2. How do I pre-order a BMW i4/iX?

Customer can place pre-order through the ShopBMWUSA.com in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Choose your dealer
    2. i4: Choose your i4 model variant (i4 eDrive40 or i4 M50) and place it in your shopping cart    
      iX: Place the iX pre-order in the shopping cart
    3. Select your preferred method of payment and check out.

Customer will receive a confirmation email with Confirmation Number. The selected BMW Center will contact customer this upcoming fall 2021 to configure his vehicle and provide more information about delivery time.


3. Is the pre-order fee refundable?

Yes, the pre-order fee of $1,500 is fully refundable. If a customer wishes to cancel their pre-order, they need to contact their selected BMW Center and provide their pre-order Confirmation Number provided in the Confirmation email they received.


4. When will I receive my BMW iX/my BMW i4?

Deliveries of the BMW iX/BMW i4 start in March 2022. Delivery times may vary dependent on when pre-order was placed and when vehicle has been configured with selected BMW Center in the fall of 2021. Customer’s configuration, trim and option selections will influence the delivery time of the vehicle, and BMW Center will provide delivery and timing updates throughout the process.  

If customer places an order early and receives confirmation of delivery “by June 30, 2022”, vehicle will be delivered by that date the latest. In the event of a delay, customer’s BMW Center will contact customer to fulfill delivery as soon as possible, unless customer decides to cancel the pre-order which he may do so at any time for a full refund of the down payment.


5. How does customer know if iX/i4 pre-order went through?

Upon pre-ordering the BMW iX/BMW i4, customers will receive an email with their Confirmation Number. If they didn’t receive an email, they should contact their selected BMW Center. 


6. Which incentives does the BMW iX/BMW i4 qualify for?

Owning the First-Ever BMW iX/i4 may qualify customer for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500, in addition to other state incentives such as rebates, tax credits, and grants. The 2022 BMW iX has not yet been certified as credit eligible by the IRS. Additional state incentives may also be available. Tax credits may be complex and are subject to change without notice. While BMW of North America, LLC does its best to keep this information up-to-date, it cannot guarantee the current accuracy of your eligibility. We recommend consulting a tax professional to validate credit availability and eligibility.


7. Where can customer find his pre-order Confirmation Number?

Upon pre-ordering the iX/i4, customer will receive an email with their Confirmation Number. If a customer didn’t receive an email, they should contact their selected BMW Center.


8. Can an order be placed directly with a BMW Dealership outside of the Program?

Orders that did not originate through the Pre-Order Program portal on ShopBMWUSA.com will not be fulfilled. 
During the limited period that the Pre-Order Program is available online, BMW encourages all BMW Dealers to direct their customers’ orders through the on-line Pre-Order portal.

9. Can dealership personnel order on behalf of a customer using dealer personnel’s name and/or credit card?

No. BMW NA will not honor any orders placed this way. All orders are to be placed under the customer’s name and matching information.


10. Who can order a vehicle through the Pre-Order program?

The Pre-order Program is available only to customers residing in the United States who are 18 years of age or older.
It is also available to businesses or corporate entities, provided that the customers can validate their ownership of, or employment by, the relevant business or corporate entity upon BMW of North America LLC’s request. 

  1. How many vehicles can one customer order? 

iX and i4 pre-orders are limited to:

  • Max. 2x pre-orders per home address
  • Max. 1x pre-order per credit card

Note that only customer initiated pre-orders will be accepted and pre-orders are not transferable or assignable to other parties. BMW NA reserves the right to cancel pre-orders and refund the deposit received