BMW Plant Spartanburg Prepares For Production Of All-New BMW X5

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The is available at our 2019 BMW X5 is available at our BMW dealer near Hilton Head, SC.

Enhancing Excellence

The soon-to-be-released 2019 BMW X5 is the 4th generation of the model line. Since its introduction nearly 20 years ago, the BMW X5 has become one of the most successful BMW models ever. It is also one of BMW’s most important and influential models.

The BMW X5 single-handedly created the Sports Activity Vehicle® class, which has become one of the segments that BMW is most known for. The BMW X5 was also the first of the X Models, which now also include the BMW X1, X2, X3, X4 and X6. The X Models are some of BMW’s most popular and profitable models.

The BMW X5 has been one of the Top-3 selling BMW models since 2001. The impressive sales numbers are directly related to the excellence of the Spartanburg BMW plant, as it has been the sole manufacturer of the X5 since its introduction in 2000. The increasing popularity of the BMW X5 has resulted in several expansions of the Spartanburg plant.

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Made In America

The all-new BMW X5 will be the 10th X Model to be produced at the Spartanburg plant. This plant, proudly located in the heart of South Carolina, has been the origin point for the resounding success of the BMW X Models. BMW has certainly recognized the excellence of the Spartanburg plant as they’ve publicly designated it the “Global Center of Competence” for the X Models.

The BMW Plant Spartanburg is no stranger to producing hotly anticipated new X Models. In fact, the all-new BMW X4, which debuted in April, is built here. The introduction of all-new BMW X4 was a big moment for BMW and for South Carolina manufacturing. The BMW Plant Spartanburg has even more of a history with the BMW X5, so the introduction of the BMW X5 promises to be an even bigger event.

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Exterior of the BMW X5 - available at our BMW dealer near Hilton Head, SC

Keeping It In The Family

Not only does BMW Plant Spartanburg produce the upcoming X5, but it also manufactures the BMW X3, X4 and X6. The success that the plant has had in producing in a wide range of X Models has led to exponential production growth. The production of BMW Plant Spartanburg is expected to grow in the near future to its maximum capacity of 450,000 units.

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Creating American Jobs

The increasing production of the all-new BMW X5 and the other X Models will continue to create more jobs in South Carolina and elsewhere in America. When BMW Plant Spartanburg first opened in 1994, 500 South Carolina residents found work there. Now, more than 10,000 Americans are employed at the Spartanburg plant. The number of jobs at the plant is expected to increase by 1,000 over the next 3 years.

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