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Style isn’t everything, but when you live in Hilton Head, Bluffton, or Hardeeville, it definitely counts for something. If you’re one of the many local drivers looking for a sleek and stylish new ride to turn some heads in town, the names BMW and INFINITI might jump to mind.

These brands are so much more than their looks, though. The team at Hilton Head BMW put together this BMW vs. INFINITI comparison to show you how they fare in a head-to-head matchup. Let’s see which one comes out on top.

BMW vs INFINITI Hilton Head SC Finding the Right Fit for Your Sense of Style

Cars aren’t a one-size-fits-all accessory. They’re meant to be a unique and power-packed expression of your tastes and preferences.

How can you truly express yourself if a brand doesn’t have enough options to fit your interests?

Overall variation is lacking when it comes to the INFINITI brand. Just take its sedan lineup, for example. Currently, the brand only offers two models: the Q50 and the Q60. While they may both be stylish in their own way, there’s not much variation between them.

BMW offers numerous models and trims for both sedans and Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs). Comparatively, they have six sedans, including the all-electric BMW i3, to INFINITI’s more limited two options. With so many sedans of varying sizes, power levels, and design accents, it shouldn’t be too hard to find that Goldilocks car—the one that fits just right.

BMW vs INFINITI Hilton Head SC BMW vs INFINITI: Which Is More Powerful?

Power is also a big must when you hit the road. It’s clear just from looking at each brand’s most popular models that BMW and INFINITI have different opinions about the importance of power.

BMW is well known for its M Series models that provide most of its core cars with a racetrack-ready trim level. Not only are these cars sport-tuned with special suspensions, brakes, and other handling features, but they also have robust engines.

Let’s compare the BMW 5 Series to the INFINITI Q50. The 5 Series M5 trim level holds nothing back with a V8 engine that maxes out at 600 horsepower (HP). The Q50, on the other hand, peaks at 400 HP with its available V6.

BMW vs INFINITI Hilton Head SC Drive Into the Future With Electric Options

In addition to power, efficiency is a must. To achieve optimal efficiency and eco-friendly driving, BMW offers electric trim levels with most of its core models—this is in addition to the electric i3!

From sedans to SAVs, the numerous BMW electric trims are breaking the barriers of efficient driving. If we look at the BMW X5 and its xDrive 45e trim level, the all-electric range lasts up to 30 miles.

INFINITI has some electric concept cars that are arriving in the near future, but none are currently available. Drivers who choose INFINITI will have to settle for traditional gas-powered models, meaning they’ll be visiting the pump on a regular basis.

Experience the BMW Brand Firsthand

INFINITI certainly has some nice features and styling to offer, but when you’re looking for superior craftsmanship, power, and more options, BMW is the obvious choice.

Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Hardeeville drivers have plenty of fine sedans and SAVs to choose from here at Hilton Head BMW. Are you ready to get behind the wheel? Contact our team to schedule a test drive of your favorite BMW model today!

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