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BMW Factory in South Carolina


Local BMW Factory In South Carolina


What better way is there to make sure your vehicle is the quality you’re looking for than for it to be manufactured locally? At Hilton Head BMW, you can have peace of mind knowing that your BMW was built close to home.


With a BMW factory in South Carolina, you can be sure that the vehicle you receive was built with all the care in the world. At Hilton Head BMW, South Carolina drivers can find a vast selection of new BMW vehicles built to perfection. We have all of the models that…

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Discover the 2018 BMW i8 - Hybrid Supercar

Car lovers throughout America can all agree on one thing - the 2018 BMW i8 is one of the most advanced and beautiful cars available today. The new roadster version of the BMW i8 has only made this hybrid supercar even more desirable. No matter if you get the coupe or roadster body style, the powerful BMW i8 generates a massive 369 horsepower. When it’s time for a charge, you can simply plug the BMW i8 in at home or access one of more than 44,000 publicly available charging stations. To learn more about why drivers in the Hilton…

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Top 4 Reasons To Get The 2018 BMW X3 Available At Hilton Head BMW

Reason #1: The X3 Gets The Job Done

When you live in the South Carolina-Georgia area, you need an Sports Activity Vehicle® that gets the job done. Whether your hauling cargo, taking a road trip to the mountains, or the beach, or simply running errands around town, you know what you want and what you need.

So, let the other automakers focus just on the utility part of an SAV®, at BMW, we look beyond that and emphasize on activity and practicality. Which means, you get extra cargo space, tough performance, a smooth ride and high-end technology to keep you…

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BMW Doubles the Size of its BMW Scholars Program

BMW Manufacturing has been offering the BMW Scholars apprentice program for the last seven years, training and educating students so they can gain employment in the highly-technical environment of advanced manufacturing. Earlier this month, the company announced that it's teaming with a fourth education partner -- Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina -- and doubling the size of the program to 200 students.

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New BMW Lease Program Designed for Today's Sharing Economy

BMW has long been renowned for developing products that anticipate and answer their customers' needs. So it's really not surprising that BMW Group Financial Services recently revealed that they've designed a creative lease program for customers who want to augment their incomes by either driving for ride-sharing providers or renting their vehicle to others when they're not using it.

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BMW Meets Promise to Deliver 100,000 Electrified Vehicles in 2017

In January 2017, BMW Group announced an ambitious goal to deliver 100,000 electrified vehicles to customers across the globe by the end of the year. Having easily achieved that goal, the company commemorated its success by using a light installation to transform its world-famous "Four-Cylinder" headquarters into four upright "batteries" on December 18 -- emphasizing the technological evolution that's occurring in the automotive industry.

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Top Reasons to Test Driven the 3 Series

Welcome to the intersection of superior performance, state-of-the-art innovation and first-class comfort.

Meet the new BMW 3 Series now at Hilton Head BMW.

The BMW 3 Series features an athletic design, highlighted by its sculpted lines, and offers a sleeker profile than the competition.

For drivers in Hilton Head, Bluffton and Savannah, GA, who want to stand out instead of blending in on the road, the BMW 3 Series is the only way to go. It comes in 3 aggressive, yet stylish body styles – sedan, Gran Turismo hatchback and sports wagon. Stop in today and test-drive yours!

The 2018 3 Series is available at Hilton Head BMW near Bluffton, GA

Peak Performance


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BMW Presents its First-Ever M3 CS

Last month, BMW unveiled its special edition M3 CS to the world, presenting a vehicle that delivers a compelling mix of performance and practicality. The first-ever M3 CS is much lighter than the standard M3 and it offers a lower center of gravity that offers even more agile handling when you're on the road.

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